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- Case Studies -

Our Client is an Australian Gold Exploration Company. They operate four exploration projects across the States of Victoria and Queensland. The Company has an active ESG program which is constantly being developed. The firm is a Member of the Minerals Council of Australia and abide by its policies, including its Water Policy and Towards Sustainable Mining. TSM is an award-winning accountability framework which helps mineral companies evaluate, manage, and communicate their Sustainability Performance.

Australian Gold Exploration Company

Publicly traded mining company required to report ESG Performance as part of the Ongoing Investor Requirement of ASX.

Our Client is an Armenian Copper Mining Company. The company mines and processes copper to produce concentrate. The Company operates its deposit as an open pit mine. The processing plant is a mature facility and uses conventional processes to produce copper concentrate. The Client has been Reporting on its Sustainability Initiatives for the past few years and is one of the most advanced Mining companies in the region.

Armenian Copper Mining Company

Large mining conglomerate streamlines and digitizes their commitment to ESG reporting.

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