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Armenian Copper Mining Company

Large mining conglomerate streamlines and digitizes their commitment to ESG reporting.

Armenian Copper Mining Company
Client Overview

Our Client is an Armenian Copper Mining Company. The company mines and processes copper to produce concentrate. The Company operates its deposit as an open pit mine. The processing plant is a mature facility and uses conventional processes to produce copper concentrate. The Client has been Reporting on its Sustainability Initiatives for the past few years and is one of the most advanced Mining companies in the region.

Client's ESG challenges

Our Client has a Dedicated Sustainability team that comprises of Mining Expertise and Deep Sustainability Domain know-how and have always been ahead of the curve in the region when it comes to Sustainable Mining.

As a leading Mining firm in the region, our client has set ambitious goals on all aspects on Environment, Social, and Governance including Net Zero Goals however the current manual processes are quite rigid and do not offer the flexibility to collaborate in real-time.

The Firm uses a leading ERP application which allows them to manage their Emissions Data for Scope 1 and 2 however everything else is done manually or with the use of external consultants. Some of the biggest challenges the firm was facing was not being able to conduct What If Scenarios and Net Zero Simulations along with Scope 3 Emissions Management, Social and Governance Metrics.

The Sustainext solution

After a thorough Evaluation of the existing ERP Application, we recommended that it is best to switch over to the Sustainext application completely as the entire Emissions Management for all Scopes (1,2 and 3) can be seamlessly handled on a single platform along with Reporting capabilities based on the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

In addition to Emissions, the firm is also able to track all other Environmental Metrics along with Social, and Governance which are based on the GRI Framework that the client reports to. The Optimize Section of the Sustainext Platform allows the Firm to create various scenarios for several different categories and conduct gap assessments in real-time that can be exported in various formats and made available to key stakeholders.

With comprehensive Dashboards and Analysis, the Firm can view key ESG metrics based on Organization, Entities, Projects and with a further drill down on Scopes, Sources, Locations and much more.

The outcome

The Client has digitized their ESG Operations by introducing the Sustainext application which is a one stop shop solution for all Sustainability Needs ranging from Advisory, Platform, to Carbon Credits and more.

By leveraging Sustainext's Platform and Consulting support, the Client has reduced costs significantly through Digitization and has also reduced its dependency on external consultants.

As next steps, the client is going to use the Sustainext Bot to Automate its Data Collection process and use Sustainext’s Consulting expertise for SBTi Documentation, Validation, and Submission.

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