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KDDL Limited

Leading luxury watch manufacturer and retailer meets investors' Scope 3 & ESG reporting requirements.

KDDL Limited
Client Overview

KDDL is one of the leading companies of India engaged in the manufacture of watch components, high quality precision stamped components and progressive tools for a wide range of engineering applications. KDDL also owns the largest retail chain of luxury watches in India through its subsidiary, Ethos Limited.

Client's ESG challenges

KDDL was using Manual Spreadsheets to track their Scope 1 and 2 emissions. However, due to client and certain investor requirements, they were asked to report on other ESG Metrics which also include Scope 3 emissions for certain categories and other Environmental metrics such as Water, Waste, Air Quality etc. Doing this manually was proving to be very challenging due to the scattered data and manual processes and managing everything on spreadsheets which was leading to significant delays and lack of accuracy.
As KDDL did not have a dedicated sustainability team, different departments were having to take up the responsibility which was leading to delays and lack of accuracy due to limited sustainability domain expertise.

The Sustainext solution

Sustainext identified all the gaps in the current systems and processes and proposed using its Platform with In-built Consulting support to automate their data collection process and standardize the entire data management system and reporting process.
Sustainext’s comprehensive Emissions module with over 75,000 emission factors allows KDDL to maintain accurate and scientifically vetted data which is Audit ready. In addition to Emissions Data, Sustainext is also aligned with GRI, and several other Frameworks which makes ESG reporting and Compliance a breeze.

The outcome

KDDL can now view their data in real time and generate reports based on various stakeholder requirements with a single click. By leveraging Sustainext’s Platform and Consulting support, KDDL can validate information and optimize their sustainability goals and objectives without having to invest in additional resources.

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