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Specialty chemical manufacturer meets clients' supply chain reporting requirements.

Client Overview

Elppe, over the past 22 years has carved a niche for itself in the chemical industry handling range of projects involving hazardous reactions to chiral chemistry synthesizing key basic intermediates to challenging advanced molecules required for manufacturing high quality chemicals for the pharmaceutical, polymer and specialty chemicals.

Client's ESG challenges

As an exporter of specialty chemicals to developed markets such as Europe, Elppe has been asked by several of its Pharmaceutical clients to produce reports on various ESG Metrics as part of their supply chain requirements.
As Elppe continues to expand into new markets globally, they need to maintain ESG data in real time to monitor progress against the goals they set. While the data is available through various SAP modules, it is not structured from a Sustainability standpoint so the need for a platform with consulting support was needed.

The Sustainext solution

As Sustainext offers Integrations with various third-party applications, it proposed integrating with SAP and mapping all the key data points from an ESG perspective which provides for Automated Data Collection in real time and also use Robotic Process Automation which is the use of Software Bots to fetch data from various applications and extract documents (bills / invoices etc.).
Sustainext is working with Elppe on various aspects such as Materiality Assessments, Supply Chain Sustainability, Policies and Frameworks, Reporting to Ecovadis and several other areas.

The outcome

Elppe has commenced on its ESG journey with the right approach and is able to meet its customer requirements by providing key ESG Metrics based on various Due Diligence / Supply chain questionnaires.

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