Flying comes with a big carbon footprint.  Offset the impact of your return flight by supporting local forests that capture carbon.


Short-Haul (1-2 hours) return/economy = 250 kg of carbon

Mid-Haul (2-5 hours) return/economy = 500 kg of carbon

Long-Haul (5+ hours) return/economy = 1,000 kg of carbon

Offset Your Air Travel

Price Options
One-time purchase
Frequent Flyer
C$6.25monthly/ auto-renew
  • Purchaser will receive an e-voucher with a unique planting code and an invitation to visit the LivClean Virtual Forest where they can personally name their tree, share with friends and learn more. 

  • All our projects are validated by third-party auditors and tracked on public registries, ensuring each and every contribution is making a world of difference.