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Ontario, Canada

The Quinte Conservation Forestry Project is located on approximately 25,000 acres of mixed hardwood forests on the northeast shores on Lake Ontario, in Southern Ontario, Canada. The land enrolled under this carbon project is owned and managed by Quinte Conservation, a community-based environmental protection agency.  The agency manages the land with the objective of creating a sustainable ecosystem where people and nature coexist in harmony.


As forested land in Southern Ontario continues to be lost to development, Quinte Conservation’s commitment to managing the forest sustainably for the long-term provides important benefits to the health of the watersheds and a legacy for area residents. 


Though the project Quinte Conservation is developing an improved forest management strategies that recognize and ensure the permanent capture of CO2 through sustainable forest management. At a time when resources for Conservation Authorities such as Quinte are being cut despite continued pressure on the watersheds and natural ecosystems they protect, this project will provide resources that are reinvested into the forest to sequester carbon and enhance conservation efforts.

Key project benefits include:


  • The project area is known as an ecotone—an area of transition containing elements from the ecosystems it borders. Because of this, it has features that are completely unique to the area that are not found anywhere else.


  • The project area protects the watershed, by supporting the ecosystem health in the drainage basins of the Napanee, Moira, and Salmon rivers. Trees serve as natural filters, purifying for downstream use.


  • The project protects valuable habitat in increasingly shrinking natural areas. This project preserves more than 25,000 acres of forested land, home to hawks, eagles, waterfowl, mink, muskrat and more.


  • The project provides recreation benefits. Carbon revenue is helping to protect community values and resources for the future generations. 

The project's carbon offsets are ex-post credits with a perpetual permanence protection backstopped by a buffer pool. The project follows the American Carbon Registry Improved Forest Management Methodology, and is third-party verified and validated. The project follows the six principles of carbon offset projects and is tracked on the ACR third-party public carbon-reduction registry. 

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