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Balance the unavoidable emissions created by in-person events with the purchase of verified nature-based carbon offsets from local forest conservation projects.  Offsets event related activities including air travel, ground transportation, hotel rooms, meals and conference spaces. Receive free promo material, including Carbon Neutral Event Logo.


Local Delegate offsets 200 kg of CO2

Out-of-state/province Delegate offsets 1,000 kg of CO2

International Delegate offstes 2,000 kg of CO2


More Options:

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Large Volume Purchases (over 100 tonnes)

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Carbon Zero Conference/Event

PriceFrom C$5.00
  • Purchaser will receive an e-voucher with a unique planting code and an invitation to visit the LivClean Virtual Forest where they can personally name their tree, share with friends and learn more. 

  • All our projects are validated by third-party auditors and tracked on public registries, ensuring each and every contribution is making a world of difference.