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Balance the unavoidable emissions created by in-person events with the purchase of verified nature-based carbon offsets from local forest conservation projects.  Offsets event related activities including air travel, ground transportation, hotel rooms, meals and conference spaces.



  • Use of Carbon Neutral Event Logo on promotional materials, emails, etc.
  • Virtual Forest Naming Code for participant engagement (see example)
  • On-line Achievements Dashboard for social media sharing (see example)
  • Impact Statement Report for stakeholders
  • Offsets retirement on public registry on behalf of client’s (see example)
  • Media Release assistance (see example)


Local Delegate offsets 200 kg of CO2

Out-of-state/province Delegate offsets 1,000 kg of CO2

International Delegate offstes 2,000 kg of CO2

Carbon Zero Conference/Event

PriceFrom C$5.00
  • Purchaser will receive an e-voucher with a unique planting code and an invitation to visit the LivClean Virtual Forest where they can personally name their tree, share with friends and learn more. 

  • All our projects are validated by third-party auditors and tracked on public registries, ensuring each and every contribution is making a world of difference.