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South Carolina, USA

The Bluesource Blue Ridge Escarpment Improved Forest Management Project (ACR 590) aims to increase carbon capture by ensuring the long-term conservation and sustainable management of mature forests in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Piedmont area of South Carolina. In addition to capturing and storing carbon in the leaves, roots and bark, this woodland is home to several endangered species including the green salamander.


The forest also provides important wildlife migration corridors and refuge to countless forest and aquatic species.  The project protects the drinking water supply for the local community, and the forests are used by state researchers and master naturalists.  The project also contains a network of trails that brings tourism to the area as visitors experience the forest through hiking, biking, birdwatching and rock climbing. 

The project's carbon offsets are ex-post credits with a perpetual permanence protection backstopped by a buffer pool. The project follows the American Carbon Registry Improved Forest Management Methodology, and is third-party verified and validated. The project follows the six principles of carbon offset projects and is tracked on the ACR third-party public carbon-reduction registry. 

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