Congratulations on joining the LivClean EcoShop Program.  We're here to help make your on-boarding experience easy and successful.  On this page you'll find instructions, links and downs to help you share your commitment with your customers.

STEP 1: EcoFee Set-up

The first step is to set-up your Point of Sale system or webshop:

  1. Set up the EcoFee as new item in your system.

  2. Apply applicable sales tax.

  3. Set to automatically add the EcoFee item to every customer order.  

STEP 2 : Announce Your Commitment - Marketing Support


Logo: Use on your website, webshop, invoices, receipts and shipping labels. 

  1. Download the file format of your choice: pgn

  2. Hyperlink logo to

Messaging: Tell customers about your commitment to the planet on your website/webshop, invoices and receipts. Invite them to personally name a tree in LivClean's interactive virtual forest.

  1. Download suggested copy: docx​

  2. Customize with your company's name, level of support, tree naming code and impact dashboard URL . These are provided in your welcome email.

  3. Add to your website/webshop, invoices and receipts.


Social Media: Keep your social media current and impactful.  Share your impacts and join the conversation.

  1. Download suggested social media messages: docx

  2. Customize with your company's name and real-time impacts from your dashboard.

Printed Materials: From in-store posters, tent cards, and signage to shipping package decals and inserts, please contact us to discuss your needs.​

STEP 3 : Program Admin


Monthly Reporting: On the first day of each month you will receive an email request to report your monthly collections using our on-line reporting portal.  You will have 15 days to submit your report. You will need to report:

  1. Total number of orders for the previous month.

  2. Total EcoFee amount collected from your customers. 

Billing: Your EcoShop invoice will be automatically emailed to you upon submission of the collections report.

Payment: You can choose your preferred payment method:

  • Pre-authorized bank debit or credit card debit.  Please complete this form.

  • Credit Card (Visa, MC or AMEX)

  • Check payable to LivClean Corp. 

Got Questions? 

 Just ask. We're here to help:


Christina deVries

Nicole Lentini