Join the LivClean EcoShop Program.  Help us make a difference by raising funds on behalf the planet. Make your customers' purchase experience meaningful.  Balance the impact of your product or shipping emissions. Support local forests and help reduce the impacts of climate change. 

How it works:

  • Your company adds an EcoFee to every customer order. (You choose the amount).

  • You report and remit the collected funds to LivClean the end of each month.

  • LivClean purchases carbon offsets from emission-reducing forestry projects on your behalf.  

Members benefit from free marketing support:

  • EcoShop Logo and message for your website/webshop

  • Real-time public dashboard of your impacts, presented in easy to understand comparisons.

  • Unique planting code for our interactive virtual forest where your customers can personally name a tree.

  • In-store and shipping box communication materials*.

  • Planet-conscious social media messaging.

*minimums may apply.


Choose the EcoFee amount you will add to each order:

EcoFee Amount

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